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Know The Hazard in Your Home with Asbestos Testing Central Coast Services

Asbestos can be deadly, and it can lead you to a severe health problem. Raise your awareness to the danger of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) by learning how to check your property for any fibre contamination.

You must also understand how to manage the ACM in your property to keep your family protected from the fibre exposure. So, keep reading to find out how you can save your family from the exposure risk of this deadly material.

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ACM presence: The identification

The first thing that should be your main concern is that an ACM is hard to be identified, managed, and removed without a proper procedure. The most common way to tell if this hazardous mineral contaminates a building is by checking the time of when the property was built. Buildings that were built before the 1990s have a higher possibility to use this toxic fibre material in their structures. The ACM came in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. So, you may find it in ceilings, fences, floors, roofing, or a wall-sheeting product.

Despite the huge variety of ACM products, tracking back the building history is not sufficient to gain enough information about the contamination in the property. Therefore, the best practice in identifying ACM in a building is by having it tested by a licensed assessor.

About asbestos testing Central Coast

An ACM testing is not an easy task to do. In fact, the process has a high chance of disturbing the contaminated material, which can release dangerous fibres into the air. Therefore, using DIY testing kits are not recommended at all.


As a homeowner, who hasn’t got a proper training, you may disturb this carcinogenic material and expose yourself to the fibres. Thus, it would be better for you to follow the basic principle when it comes to this dangerous material, which is “leave it alone undisturbed”.

A contractor, who has a skill certification, can help you with the asbestos testing process in a secure and clean manner. By hiring a professional, you will get a comprehensive result, which can become an important part in tailoring a suitable control plan for your contaminated property.

How asbestos testing Central Coast works?

1. On-site visit

An assessor will visit your place to conduct an inspection in your building. He will start by reviewing the asbestos register. The document consists of valuable information about the ACMs that have been identified previously. Afterwards, he will perform a crosscheck between the data and the real condition of the fibrous materials. Any changes to the ACM condition will be used to update the existing data. But if you haven’t got the document before, the assessor will help you to create one.

Obtaining a register is important as the regulations stated that all contaminated properties must have such document so that the occupants can be alerted about the presence of this deadly product. If a homeowner or a building manager fails to have the document, he may face a penalty from the authorities.

2. Sampling and testing

This step will be performed in a condition where the assessor is unsure whether a product is contaminated or not. While wearing his personal protective equipment, he will take some samples and put them in labeled bags. If the product is damaged and generates dust, he will use the dust as a sample as well.

For your information, when a product starts to generate dust, you need to take extra precautions as if it’s a friable ACM (a product that can be easily damaged and turn into dust).

All samples taken will be delivered to a laboratory, which has been approved by NATA to perform the analysis. The test will determine the mineral type and its contamination level in the product.

3. Final report

After all inspection procedures have been done, the assessor will create a full report from the assessment work and the lab analysis that has been performed earlier. This report is important to keep everyone safe from any possibility of being exposed to the hazardous fibres.

asbestos testing central coast - manage it

3 solutions to manage asbestos contamination

There are 3 options that you can take to manage ACM contamination in your home. Their range of prices and effectivity in handling contamination can become the basic information to decide which solutions that work best for your property.

  1. Sealant covering: Covering the surface of the contaminated product is considered as the most cost-effective answer in handling the contamination in a building. The solution works by applying some particular sealants to the ACM to keep the fibres bind together with the product. However, the sealant can deteriorate, which makes you have to reapply it for once in a certain period of time.
  1. Non-contaminated product cover: You can choose to put another layer of non-fibrous product on top of the contaminated material. The new layer works to hold down the deadly fibres from being released into the air. Nevertheless, the placement may disturb the old contaminated material. However, since the ACM remains in the property, it means that the contamination threat still exists in the building.
  1. Complete removal: This last option is the best option that you can take to remove all ACMs out of the property. Though many people think that the cost is high, it would be nothing compared to the safety of your family. Additionally, the contractor provides a full service from the removal work to the disposal of the contaminated waste to an approved disposal facility.

There are also other services that can be useful in your ACM removal project: asbestos removal Central Coast, emergency repair, management plan, soil remediation, roof removal, air monitoring, demolition, consultant.

All works related to this fibrous product must be performed by a licensed removalist who manages to carry out a secure work. Therefore, you have to be careful in choosing your contractor. Luckily, we have what you need.

With Clear asbestos removal Central Coast, be safe and have the right asbestos testing Central Coast service for your home.

Clear Asbestos Removal is an authority website, which is established to help the public in finding a trusted and reliable contractor in handling their ACM problems. Only those who are fully licensed as a B-class removalist, equipped with adequate safety gears, and covered by insurance; can receive our seal of endorsement.

So, if you have a house or a commercial property, which is contaminated by a fibrous product, just leave it to our endorsed removalists. They will deliver a satisfying result and in accordance with the safe work guidelines and regulations. Contact our approved members and get your free quotes today.

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