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Important Checklists To Get an Asbestos-free House

Asbestos-containing material (ACM) is a dangerous thing to deal with. The potential risk of this fibrous material is so high that someone who has been exposed it can suffer from an asbestos-related disease like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and pleural thickening. In some cases, the disease can lead to death as well.

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Therefore, it would be wise to raise your awareness to any potential risk that may expose your health to the deadly fibres. The first thing you need to do is to be aware of the type of building that you live in.

Approximately one in three properties in Australia is suspected of containing this hazardous material. The building contamination is the result of the material’s massive production in the 1970s. In that era, many properties were constructed with this fibrous mineral due to its amazing physical features and its affordability.

Since many of these contaminated buildings are old, you can determine whether your property is contaminated by ACMs or not by following these simple methods:

  1. A building constructed up to the 1980s has a high chance to use ACMs in its structure.
  2. A building made between the 1980s and the 1990s may use this dangerous material in its parts.
  3. A new property made after the 1990s is not likely to use any form of ACM.

However, information gathered from knowing the initial construction year of the building, is insufficient to determine either one building is contaminated by an ACM or not.   The contamination can be in many different forms and shapes. You can find this fibrous mineral in cement sheeting, fences, or roofing products. The best practice in identifying the presence of ACM is by conducting a thorough inspection, which is conducted by a licensed assessor. A sampling and testing procedure may be carried out during the identification process to obtain a clear result.

Important Steps in a Remediation Project

A remediation of a building from any ACM contamination requires comprehensive procedures to ensure a complete asbestos removal work. The procedures can be described as follows:

1. Preliminary inspection

The first thing to do in a remediation project is identifying the ACM existence in the building. The investigation includes inspecting ACMs that may be hidden behind other structures. A lab analysis may be involved to determine a material that is suspected of containing this deadly fibre.

2. Asbestos removal process

Before performing an asbestos removal Central Coast work, there are several things that must be prepared to keep the contamination from being spread to the environment. The preparation includes:

  • Sealing all holes, turn off air conditioner and fans, and other appliances that can potentially spread the deadly fibres to other areas.
  • Installing warning signs to inform the neighbourhood about the occurring removal work.
  • All workers must wear protective equipment from the beginning to the end of the work.
  • An air monitoring is also necessary to monitor the contamination level in the air. The monitoring will be performed at the start, during the work, and after the project is done, when required.

After all preparation is ready, the contractor will start to remove the ACM. The removal method depends on the ACM’s type (friable or non-friable), size, and obstacles that may halt the removal process.

3. Decontamination

When all contaminated materials have been removed and sealed in thick plastic bags, the workers will check the area for any ACM that may be left. In this stage, the workers will also clean their equipment and all supporting kits. The disposable equipment will also be disposed of along with the contaminated waste to a legal disposal facility.

4. Final checkup

This is considered as the final step to check whether the location is ready for reoccupation or not. The removalist will also release a clearance certification, which states that the area is free from ACMs.

If the building has obtained an asbestos register and control plan before, the report will be updated based on the latest condition of the property.

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Various Services Provided by Our members

There are various services available in the industry that can be useful in handling the ACMs in the right way. Each service has its own benefits and purposes that are suitable for different problems.

1. Asbestos removal Central Coast

The service is mainly focused on cleaning the contamination in one property.

2. Asbestos management plan

When an ACM is present in a building, it is important to obtain a good control plan to keep the occupants safe from any exposure risk.

3. Emergency repair

When an accident or hail storm occurs and damages an ACM, the incident must be immediately handled. This service provides what it needs to solve the problem.

4. Roof removal Central Coast

Many old buildings in Australia are using fibro roof, which are likely to contain this cancerous fibre. Have it removed by using this service!

5. Air monitoring

An air monitoring is very useful to monitor the contamination level in the air. The service is usually performed after a removal process.

6. Asbestos testing

Rather than using a DIY testing kit, it would be better to take this service to identify one or more materials that can be contaminated by the deadly fibre.

7. Soil remediation

During a removal or demolition of a heavily contaminated building, some fibres from the ACM can be released into the ground. Therefore, you need to remediate the soil before the hazardous fibres going deep into the ground and reach the ground water, which can be causing a wider contamination area.

8. Consultancy

If you don’t have a clue about how to handle this contaminated material properly, you should consult your problem with the expert.

9. Demolition

Demolishing a contaminated property must be conducted by the pro that can follow safe work guidelines and regulations.

All of the jobs above MUST be carried out by a professional who has gone through the right training and acquired a full license to perform ACM-related works. Thus, you have to pay a close attention in seeking the right help.

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