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Asbestos Management Plan Central Coast: Avoid fines for your business

Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are commonly found in old buildings across Australia. They have a high potential hazard to human’s health, especially, when they’re starting to deteriorate. A friable fibrous product, which can be easily crushed, has the highest potential risk for human compared to a non-friable product.

When the fibres released from the fibrous product enter the body, they will puncture the internal lining of the organ and stay there for a long period of time.

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People who have been exposed to this fibrous mineral will develop internal scarring. The symptoms may not be immediate and mostly appear after 20 years. Many people didn’t notice that they are developing a disease that is caused by this dangerous fibre. This is why this carcinogenic material is called “a silent killer”.

A brief history of ACM use

Australia was once one of many countries that manufacture and use this cancerous mineral extensively in the construction industry. In the 1980s, many manufacturers made various products, which used this deadly material as the main component. Up till now, there are approximately 3,000 products have been identified as containing this cancerous fibre.

Due to the massive use of ACMs in the past, there are a lot of properties, which were built in the 1980s that used them in their structures. Buildings that were built after the 1990s are likely to be contaminated with ACMs also. The government itself has released various regulations to raise the public awareness to the danger of ACMs and completely ban them in 2003 across the continent.

Where to locate the ACM?

Due to its extensive use, it would be difficult to locate this fibrous material in a building. You may find it in your fences, roofing, floor sheeting, or cement walls. The best way to check your building for any contamination is by conducting a sampling and testing procedure by a licensed assessor.

The contractor will assess all building parts and review the property documents like the asbestos register to determine the presence of ACM there. Since the identification process requires a safe practice, it is not RECOMMENDED to do it yourself using DIY testing kits.

By hiring a licensed service provider, you may think that you are being overcharged. Though the testing cost offered by the expert is quite different, you should consider it as the price to keep your family protected. Moreover, the testing result will become valuable information in creating a good asbestos management plan (AMP). Therefore, you can rest assured that all occupants are secured if the ACM hasn’t been removed from the building.

An asbestos management plan Central Coast document is necessary, especially for homeowners and building managers of an old building. The importance of having a suitable AMP can be described as follow:

  • The control plan will provide comprehensive information on how to treat fibrous materials safely.
  • The AMP also consists of further control measures in handling the fibrous products, could be repair or removal.
  • An AMP can become a good resource to raise the occupants’ awareness to the existing ACMs in a building.
  • The AMP also provides a complete data of the identified ACMs. Thus, the people who are working or living within the property will know which parts of the structure that can risk their live.

Following the importance of an asbestos management plan Central Coast for a contaminated property; a good AMP will contain these following information:

  • An asbestos register: The report contains a list of the location, type, and size of the ACM in a contaminated property.
  • Previous works related to ACMs: The AMP will state all previous works related to ACMs.
  • Code of conducts: All occupants will be informed on how to interact with this contaminated material safely without disturbing it.
  • Review schedule: The data presented in the AMP must be updated frequently or when certain jobs that disturb the ACM have occurred.
  • Safety trainings: People who are directly interacting with the ACM will get a special training on how to deal with this deadly product.
  • Removal protocols: The best choice to make a property safe from an ACM contamination is by removing the contamination source.

There are several services available to help you with the remediation work: Asbestos removal Central Coast, testing, emergency repair, consultancy, soil remediation, roof removal, demolition survey, air monitoring.

Asbestos Management Plan Central Coast Procedures

In general, the process of creating an AMP, which is suitable for a certain building, is carried out in 4 steps:

  1. On-site visit: A licensed contractor will perform an inspection in your contaminated property. He will take a closer look to identify all building parts that have been contaminated by fibrous products. An additional sampling and testing process can be performed if the assessor is unsure with particular products. To get a more comprehensive analysis, the assessor will send the suspected samples to a lab accredited by NATA.

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  1. Creating an ACM register: When all sources of contamination in one location have been identified, the data will be included in a final report. The lab report will also be used as additional information to create asbestos register.
  1. Designing an AMP: Since all contaminated materials have been located, creating an AMP would be easier. The management plan will be created based on risk assessments performed at your premise.
  1. Periodic review: The AMP is created based on the current condition of a contaminated property. Therefore, the AMP will have to be reviewed gradually.

All of the steps in tailoring an AMP must be carried out by a licensed removalist. If you find it difficult to get a licensed contractor, Clear Asbestos Removal is your best choice to find local, great B-class removalists.

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