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5 Mistakes in Handling Asbestos in Your Property

Having an asbestos containing material (ACM) in your property can be quite frustrating. Especially, if you don’t know how to find the right help. The government has released some regulations and guidelines in managing this cancerous material safely.

However, most people lack of awareness about the danger of ACMs, which results in many victims suffering from asbestos-related disease (ARD).

In recent years, the trends of ACM victims have changed from ex-workers of ACM factories and miners to homeowners and DIY renovators. Due to this fact, you have to consider the information and recommendations presented in this article that can give you a better insight on how to deal with this hazardous product.

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Misconduct of ACM handling

People tend to think that an ACM isn’t dangerous as long as it‘s not damaged. This misconception may become the reason why many homeowners and property managers attempt to do a DIY renovation.

The regulations have clearly stated that only people who have gone through specialised training and acquire a particular certification, can work on ACMs. Nevertheless, we can still find lawbreakers who insist doing the removal process on their own. You MUST NOT do the same thing, or you’ll be facing a penalty up to $6,000.

Below are some misconceptions about fibrous materials that you should be aware of.

1. Undisturbed bonded ACM is not dangerous

It’s true that an undamaged non-friable material is not as dangerous as friable materials. However, this material can degrade over time and slowly releases fibres into the air. You won’t notice that you’ve been exposed to the deadly fibres until you’re diagnosed with an aggressive disease such as cancer and mesothelioma.

You may opt for a cheaper solution to eliminate bonded ACMs from your property by encapsulating them with a special sealant. But it would be better to remove these contaminated materials completely, while they still have a low potential risk to your health and the rest of your family members.

2. You are able to do a DIY testing

As you may have known, there are a lot of DIY testing kits available in the market. The package contains several standard personal protective equipment (PPE), sampling bags, and a free lab-testing certificate. The question is: can the protective equipment give you sufficient protection against these tiny fibres?

The size of the fibre is 200 times smaller than a strand of hair. Therefore, a specialised PPE is vital while conducting the testing procedure. Moreover, the samples collected from suspected materials must be analysed by a NATA approved laboratory. You can find more information about the lab facilities in your area by visiting NATA website. This is another reason why you’d better get a licensed removalist to handle asbestos removal and testing jobs in your property.

3. You can easily identify ACMs by yourself

Online resources may help you to determine fibrous materials in your place. But you should understand that there are contaminated products, which are well hidden beneath the floor or behind the wall at your house. You can check contaminated materials, such as fence, roofing, or wall sheeting, visually.

But it would be hard for you to locate some of them, like the under layer of an old flooring or insulation system, without disturbing them. Your insufficient knowledge to perform a thorough inspection can potentially harm your health and put you at risk.

4. You can remove ACMs by yourself

The government regulations have stated that an individual is allowed to clean bonded ACMs that are less than 10 square meters. However, performing the job is not as easy as it looks, especially if you have a friable product at your premises. Handling the whole process, which may include the identification, remediation, waste transport, decontamination, and register document update, can be troublesome.

You can do some of these procedures yourself, but most of these works require professional help. As an example, you need to acquire a permit to transport contaminated waste to a landfill. You will also need a hygienist license to create an asbestos register report. Not to mention that you need all of the safety equipment to maintain the exposure level as low as zero.

You can skip all the difficulty just by hiring an approved contractor. All your problems will be done in a flash.

5. Removal services are not cheap

You may notice that the contractors are offering high prices for their services. However, you should keep in mind that the cost is a fair trade for your safety and your family members.

Other considerations that can affect the service pricing are the distance between your location and the service provider’s place, access difficulties to your property, the total removal size, obstacles in the site that can obstruct the remediation process, and the disposal facility availability. So, it would be better to consult your problem and describe your current situation in details to the contractors. Thus, they can tailor the best quotes for your particular needs.

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The right help for your asbestos removal and testing problems

There are a lot of asbestos services that may suit your needs:

  • Asbestos removal Central Coast
  • testing
  • management plan
  • roof removal
  • emergency repair
  • demolition
  • air monitoring
  • soil remediation
  • consultant

Each service has to be conducted by a person who has obtained a valid license; whether it’s an A-class or a B-class license.

Your ultimate solution for your ACM issues

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They have an extensive training and extended experience, adequate equipment, and liability insurance to deliver a high-quality result at a competitive price. Whether it’s an asbestos removal and testing, management plan, or roof removal; their services are available for your residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

All you have to do is contact them directly and describe your problems in detail. They will create a unique quote that suits your needs. You can ask for multiple quotes from our approved members and choose one that meets your requirements. Get your phone today and have your remediation project done in no time.

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